For nearly fifteen years we struggled to establish a lawn around our hillside home. Each fall we would begin the process of seeding, fertilizing, and endless watering, but runoff and five big oaks always defeated us. By July the mower was just raising dust.

One April we were getting ready for a family reunion. We knew that it was the wrong time to start a lawn, but I asked a local high-end developer for advice. “Call this guy,” he said, handing me a card for McKamey Landscapes.

Within three months, McKamey had provided a gracefully sculptured lawn supported by a full irrigation system, and the grass looked as if it had been there forever. Our home finally had the setting we had dreamed of, just in time for all the relatives’ pictures. No, the project wasn’t cheap, but some other companies would have charged far more for less.

Every year we sign up for McKamey’s program of feeding, seeding, and pest control, and the results continue to be spectacular. An extra little benefit is that the cat no longer needs a flea collar.

Best of all, though, are the comments of friends. Recently my boss drove by the house and remarked that he wished he could have a lawn like ours. I had the answer ready:

“Call McKamey!”

Jan Haluska, Collegedale, TN