Beauty can come naturally — with some help

Insects may look at your landscaping as an “all they can eat buffet.” At the same time, your turf, trees, and plants are looking to the soil as their buffet of nutrients, water, and oxygen. The soil contains an almost secret, invisible world. It is the source of all life for plants.

Nothing can live without water and oxygen. No plant can be healthy without water and dissolved oxygen freely entering the soil to nurture the many life-forms that continuously work to make nutrients available from soil particles, applied fertilizers, and organic material.

Water and oxygen sustain a myraid of power life forms that are keeping the whole system together. It is easy to understand why a steady water supply is required. It keeps the soil loose, allowing more water with dissolved oxygen to be more easily absorbed in order to sustain a very complex system. It is an essential partnership to keep your turf, trees, and shrubbery healthy.

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